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A  festival for children and young people in the cultural centres of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The Hurraa! Children’s Festival offers fascinating, new and energetic performing arts for children and young people for over a week in March.

In Helsinki free performances will be given for kindergartens and schools on weekdays. Day care centres and schools will receive programme information and instructions for the draw in January. Every weekday evening and at the weekend, the whole family is welcome to come and enjoy performances for a very affordable price.

Suomalaisen Nukketeatterin Näyteikkuna (Showcase for Finnish Puppet Theatre), organised by UNIMA Finland is held at Stoa on 27.-29.March.

The festival and its programming are organised by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office and the cultural services of Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Come and enjoy the magic of theatre!

For more information about the festival, please contact
Producer Anna Rosendahl,


In Helsinki the performances in the evenings and weekends are 5 € (except Break the fight! Wed 25.3 at 6pm 7/10/18€) reservations from the Helsinki City Cultural Office ticket office. In Espoo tickets for all performances are 4 €, reservations through Espoo City webpages. In Vantaa tickets for weekday performances 5 €, evening and weekend performances reservations from the venues. The performances in Kauniainen are free of charge for kindergartens and schools. More information about the reservations and contacts can be found at and each city’s own webpages:

> > Tickets, > cultural houses and centres > Karatalo/Kannusali


Dates and venues of performances, see the timetable. Information about locations  of the venues can be found in Finnish here under “esityspaikat”.

Loiske Ensemble: Babysauna

Recommended age: 0-1
Length: 30 min

Huffing and puffing and the gurgle of water. BabySauna, premiering at the Hurrah! festival, will introduce the audience to the sauna culture. The relaxing moods of sauna will be experienced through the sounds of water, and dancing among colourful buckets to the rhythms of stones on a sauna stove. Familiar washing actions and watery fun will also be on offer.

Choreography and performing: riikka Siirala

Directing: Antti Larmola

BabySauna is the Pikku ITU of 2015 (a joint project by Annantalo in Helsinki, the City of Vantaa Children’s Art Centre Pessi and the City of Hämeenlinna Cultural Centre ARX for children and young people, supporting the creation of new performances for children.)

Hämeenlinnan teatteri: A fairy-tale opera Jose ja Aurinkoinen

Recommended age: 3+

The theme of the object theater, singing and playing combining opera is finding love through strougles.

The main character of the story Jose gets bullied by his evil stepmother and despite thehelp of his dear grandmother he gets separated from his father. The miserable boy ends up all alone in the woods and comes across a giants house looking for a place to spend the night in. There the kind-hearted daughter of the houses lord gives him a place to sleep. Jose and the giants daughter Aurinkoinen become friends, but at the same time they find out that the giant wants to eat his guest. From this starts a great adventure that leads both of them into different strougles and the unfortunate faith seperates them. Despite the strougles and years of waiting sincere love shows its power and reveals that the adventure of the two is not over yet.

Libretto of the opera: Kaj Chydenius

Directed by: Reija Isosuo

Performing: Henna-Maija Alitalo and Tuula Penttilä

Clothing designer: Anne Laatikainen

Dolls and props: Karoliina Käppi

Tanssiteatteri MD: The Little Toy Shop

Age recommendation: for over 3-year-olds

Duration 40 min, no intermission

A fascinating, imaginative dance theatre performance brings the residents of an old-time toy shop to life. This story about the friendship between a boy and a girl begins when the toy shop closes, and takes the audience on an adventure with exciting and magical turns along the way. The shop also has a secret: Napoleon the Cat, who has been set aside, has begun to use magic to turn toys into parts of his own colourless world. HUI! Ingenious choreography and fine details on stage build a magic, fairy-tale world.

Choreographed and directed by Mari Rosendahl

Performers: Anu Castrén, Sulevi Sihvola and Niko Huttunen

Mariel – a story about a girl who understood the language of water

Age recommendation: for over 3-year-olds

Duration 40 min, no intermission

Mariel lives in the Land of Water, governed by the mysterious Mistress of Nature. Water flows and life runs smoothly, until the Fly buzzes into view, turning everything upside down. What will happen to Mariel? Can the Land of Water be saved?

The story about the girl Mariel is a contemporary dance performance for children about the relationship between humans and nature, and how to tolerate differences. The story will be told by means of movement, fantasy and music. This performance is the ITU 2014 project, which forms part of the Taikalamppu – Aladdin’s Lamp project. ITU is a joint project by Annantalo in Helsinki, the City of Vantaa Children’s Art Centre Pessi and the City of Hämeenlinna Cultural Centre ARX for children and young people, supporting the creation of new performances for children.

Choreography by Heidi Masalin

Dancers Jonna Eiskonen, Tanja Illukka, Virva Talonen

Wed 25 March at 13:00 and 18:00, free admission to the afternoon performance, only by advance reservation from 15.1. to, tickets for the evening performance €5 Kanneltalo Cultural Centre, Klaneettitie 5,

Teatterikone: I once saw at the library

Recommended age 3+

Duration  30 min.

Normally we are supposed to be quiet at the library. In this show the public really gets to make some noise. The new library-themed children’s songs, which were developed in 2014 from the ideas of preschoolers from Joutsa, take the listeners on a musical journey to the library where monsters, goldmines and mine vehicles can be found. And where during the night ghosts take over the library to steal all the books.

Performer: Aaro Vuotila.

Kallo Collective: Caterpillars – toukkien elämää

Recommended age 4+

Duration 40 minutes.

This performance by contemporary circus company Kallo Collective describes the transformation of two gigantic caterpillars. Told by means of non-verbal comedy, the story introduces a magical world of flowers waving in the wind, and buzzing bees.

Consept and performing: Jenni Kallo and Sampo Kurppa/Jenny McArthur

Lights: Elina Nopanen

Visuals: Kallo&Monckton

Caterpillar costumes Tuba ja Fatso: Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen, TAUKO!

Original music: Eiliyas X

Teatteri Sudenenne and TEHDAS Teatteri: A hundred and one unicorns

Recommended age 5-10

Duration 60 minutes.

This Finnish performance in a tent takes the audience on a journey, which will stir the senses, into a night forest in search of unicorns. The audience will sit as if by a campfire, together with a chatting badger, rabbit and hedgehog. This charming visual story will utilise the methods of shadow theatre and expand into an all-round experience.

Script: Seija-Leena Salo and the group

Directed by: Tuomas Laitinen

Performers: Seija-Leena Salo and Iisa Tähtinen

Cirque des Puces: Maïva

Recommended age: 5-100
Length: 45 min

Maïva is a poetic story about a lonely girl who has to face her fears. Set in an imaginary world, this performance is about uncertainty and finding one’s own voice via friendship. This play without words is a combination of music, dance, acrobatics, juggling and clownery. It will touch you, make you laugh and may even scare you at times. Profound ideas are spiced up with joyful insights and warm humour.

Performers: Amandine Doat, Jacintha Damström and Tomas Takolander

Script: työryhmä ja Merle Freund

Music: Tomas Takolander

Costumes: Fredrika Winstén

Arja Tiili & Co: Break the Fight!

Recommended age: 13+
Length: 45 min

The performance focuses on themes related to the exercise of power and power games. Break the Fight! is about daring to be oneself and understanding how to accept others the way they are. Could the seed of possibility be hidden in differences? The styles in the show include familiar street culture elements such as b-boying, i.e. breakdance, rap and DJ culture spiced with contemporary dance and video animations.

Consept, Choreograpy and directing by: Arja Tiili

Dansers: b-boy Con-Troll alias Matti Keipi, b-boy Heavy Haiku alias Kimmo Korpela, b-boy Gildroc alias Roni Lehmus ja b-boy The Vice alias Vesa Liede

Video design: Jyrki Riekki

Sound design:  Jouni Tauriainen

Production: Arja Tiili & Co