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HURRAA! 2017 

A  festival for children and young people in the cultural centres of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Being organised for the eighth time, the Hurrah! festival for children and young people will be held between 18 and 26 March 2017 in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The programme includes 17 shows and more than 80 performances in cultural centres across the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Come and enjoy the magic of theatre!

For more information about the festival, please contact
Producer Venla Haanpää,



Baby Tango – a dance performance and a dance for babies

Baby Tango combines a show experience intended for babies, based on a shared dance session for babies and their companions. Tango is a feeling, it is about listening, a shared flow of movement, surrendering, leading and being led. Baby Tango deals with the relationship between the baby and the parent, which is intense, wonderful, wild, sensitive and unique. It is a state of understanding without words, where movements, gestures, emotions, voices and sounds express what is essential – since there are no shared words yet. Baby Tango is a moment of interaction, communication and love.

Working group:
Performers: Riikka Siirala (dance), Mari Kätkä (accordion, vocals).
Concept, choreography: Riikka Siirala.
Sound design and composition: Suvi Isotalo and Mari Kätkä.
Costume design: Saija Siekkinen.
Production: Loiske Ensemble and the OSIRIS theatre.

Age recommendation: 0 to 12 months
Duration: 25 min performance + 20 min dancing together
Language: suitable for all languages


Satu Tuomisto + Comp: Wow, baby!

Wow, baby! is a cute and adorable work of art consisting of babies on a gigantic play mat.

Exploring the world in the baby way: moving and crawling, touching and feeling, looking and listening. It is a homage to babies and their beauty, and their colourful and musical world. It brings joy to babies and their parents alike.

Age recommendation: Children aged 0-1.5 together with an adult.

Duration: 30 min.


KREPSKO: AnnaBerthaCecilia

Puppet theatre and the alphabet combine to create a collection of short stories and portraits. Each story is inspired by one letter in the alphabet and by ideas and objects that begin with the same letter in many languages.

These common words create an atmosphere for each letter and the seed of the story. The audience can simply enjoy the performance, or can try to solve the puzzle of the letters and words and discover the secrets of the narrative. Established in Prague, this international theatre group uses techniques and elements of puppet theatre, mime, physical theatre and object theatre.

Sponsors of this show include: Kone Foundation and Samuel Huber Art Foundation.

Pikku-Itu award of 2016.

Language: Non-verbal

Age recommendation: 7-12 year old.


Race Horse Company: Around

‘Around’ by the contemporary circus group Race Horse Company, whose ultimate objective is no less than to conquer the world, is about the life of a small circus group, their mutual relations, and overcoming difficulties through cooperation. The show consists of juggling, acrobatics, hula hoops, soap bubbles, clownery, break-dancing – all accompanied by live music.

Performers: Susanna Liinamaa, Kalle Lehto.

Director: Kalle Lehto.

Music and sound design: Ben Rogers, Sami Tammela.

Lighting design: Eero Alava

Duration: 40 min

Age recommendation: 4+

Language: without words



The performance combines animation, circus and dance. The virtual and the real world meet in a dialogue between the performer and animation. The show builds a world in front of your eyes, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Performer, choreographer: Ilona Jäntti. Animation: Tuula Jeker. Sound design: Tuomas Norvio

Age recommendation: all ages

Language: without words

Performance for schoolchildren, grades 3 to 6


Into parrakas vauva

When you have the zeal and imagination of a baby, and a yellow bear for a companion, an ordinary day will quickly turn into an adventure. A bearded baby finds a friend in the forest. The two friends quickly find ways of putting their ideas into practice, whether this involves pastry art or learning how to read. A gleeful musical theatre performance for toddlers and small children, but adults may also appreciate the crazy humour.

Language: Finnish.

Age recommendation: 3 +

Duration: 35 min.


Leena Kela: Alphabets of Performance Art

In her performance Alphabets of Performance Art Leena Kela performs with the materials and objects that are typical for performance art. The work is based on over 15 years of research within the art form. She has selected 26 different materials and objects that form the language of the performance art and will perform them from A to Z. If A is an apple, what do you think P could be? Paint, paper, piss?

Leena Kela is a performance artist whose work evolves from observing everyday life and phenomena. Lately she has been obsessed with cosmology and especially the fascinating mysterious nature of dark energy. She has 6 years old daughter and they have made their first performance collaboration last summer. Leena has been working with performance art since year 2000 and currently she is doing her doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. She has presented her works in a number of contexts in Finland, and internationally in performance art festivals, exhibitions and conferences across Europe as well as in Russia, Northern and Southern America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Duration: 45 min
Age recommendation: 5+
Language: nonverbal, alphabets are presented in English and in Finnish


Sonja Jokiniemi: OH NO 

OH NO (2013 ) is a work based on a catastrophic voyage of two pens and a giant. Child-like with serious topics, the work tackles into the complex ways in which we try to make sense of the world around us and shifts between acts of destruction and re-construction. The work is set up in a playground that consists of different bodies. Both the performer and the objects map an exciting yet playful choreographic journey, and communicate through rhythmical and repetitive structures.

Crumble, crumble, crumble.

OH NO / credits:
Concept, direction, performance and drawing: Sonja Jokiniemi
Visual design: Miguel Angel Melgares & Sonja Jokiniemi
Dramaturgy: Miguel Angel Melgares
Artistic advice: Simon Vincenzi, Olivier Provily, Andrea Bozic
Lighting advice: Katinka Marac
Thanks to: Astarti Athanasiadou and Maria Mavridou
Produced at DasArts

Duration: n. 30 min
Age recommendation: 6-12
Language: Finnish


Nos futurs

Nos futurs deals with the childrens visions of the future, written and performed by children! No(s) Futurs is created in collaboration with Finnish live art collective Oblivia and Theatre Nouvelle Generation (TNG), Lyon and director Joris Matthieu together with a group of five Finnish 11-13 year old children.
The performance is created in international workshop for children and youngsters from Brazil, Romania and Finland taking place in Lyon. After the workshop the Finnish children are building their own future world in a performance. The performance is based on the work in the work-shops and Oblivias working methods.


Timo Fredriksson and Anna-Maija Terävä.
Performers: Amos Korkeamäki, Matilda Korkeamäki, Marie Bergholm, Max Uusitalo, Victor Lietz
TNG: Joris Mathieu and team.

Duration: 1h
Language: multilingual

Age recommendation: 9-15



Oblivia creates their first performance for children and young people. The starting point of the performance is Voltaires novel Candide (1759), but as usual in Oblivias work the point of departure will be used in a many-faceted and fun.

Candide is surprisingly current today, the story of a young man who is driven away from his paradise in Westfalen and travels the world, sees and experiences atrocities and evil and ends up with his friends to cultivate their garden in Turkey.

How to translate this violent yet light and funny novel into a performance for a young audience is a challenge that we take on. We are intrigued by the feeling of speed and lightness that is inherent in the novel and we ask ourselves whether we have not progressed very much from the 18th Century.

Age group: 12 +.
Language: Swedish

Working group

Devising, on stage: Timo Fredriksson, Annika Tudeer
Dramaturgy: Harriet Abrahamsson
Light-design: Pekka Pitkänen
Costume: Mi Duncker
Philosophical assistance: Joel Backström
Video: Christopher Hewitt

Collaboration with Ung Dramatik project


Somewhere there is a world the adults don´t know anything about
Liisa meets Jona in the classroom. Liisa is new, but Jona has gone  
in the class for several years. At first they don´t come together but soon 
they discover new worlds both in each others and also in school. 
And what´s really hiding in the classroom?
A play about how you can possibly change the school to something own.
One way can be with help of friendship, play and fantasy. It has created
in co-operation with a class in level three. Come along to a inspiring
journey in to the secret worlds of the classroom!
Written and directed by Jani Lohikari
Scenography & costumes: Linn Henriksson Strååt
Sounds & music: Pekka Tuppurainen
Actors: Katarina Rodopoulos and Lidia Taavitsainen
Length: 30 min
Age recommendation: 6-10
Language: Swedish / Finnish
Produced by UusiTeatteri – swedish-finnish theatregroup



The Herttakuninkaat show is the first full lenght show by Herttakuninkaat and so it is named after the group. In the performance Kalle Lehto and Kai Kuutamo bring forth extraordinary characters that each introduce their own style of circus arts from animal circus to contemporary art circus. Herttakuninkaat will hit you and your family like a log!

During the show the performers will review different styles of circus arts together with the audience. The different styles are represented with a self-ironical and well-informed professional touch through narration and practice in a somewhat show-and-tell fashion.

For ages between 4-105
Duration: 35 min.
Language: Finnish

Crew: Antti Kulmala, Kalle Lehto, Kaj-Mikael Schutt
Performers: Kalle Lehto, Kaj-Mikael Schutt
Artistic consultant: Antti Kulmala
Producing and marketing: Kaj-Mikael Schutt, Kalle Lehto
Tour show lights: Antti Kulmala
Costume design: Samboth Ao (Cambodia), Susanna Liinamaa and Crew


The opening of Hurrah!-festival

Saturday 18.3.2017 from 4.30pm at Mad House Helsinki.


Performance artist Leena Kela opens the Hurraa!-festival in a performative manner.

Childrens Disco with music to dance to, stylish videos, dance shoes, lipstick, glitter and reflector workshop! In Romis and Davids disco chidlren and adults party together. This family fun does not know of age restrictions!

Opening performance of the festival Oblivias No(s) Futurs starts at 6pm. Age recommendation for the performance is 10-15.


Event is free admission, but tickets for No(s) Futurs cost 5€ (from



Hurraa!-seminar: How to do performing arts for children, young people and other radicals?

Why children’s theatre and theatre are separate?

Who is allowed to do performances for children?

Does it need special skills?

Hurraa!-festival, Mad House in Helsinki, Suomi Assitej association and Ung Dramatic organize together a two-part seminar which uses the Think Thank format developed in Mad House, which principles are equality of discussion between all participants regardless of their merits.

The seminar is aimed in particular for professionals in the field of performing arts for children and young people (in the audience or as a maker).

Ma 20.3. Annantalo Arts Centre, Annankatu 30, Helsinki (world day of theatre for children)

The seminar is in English.

9.30-11.00 DEGASTEN Seminar: Lecture
Introduction to the DEGASTEN working method with video examples from the theaters performances by Anouk Saleming and Elike Roovers  “We work interdisciplinary with writing, performing, discussing and dancing. Theatre should be about you, the other person and the world we live in. We see the workshop as an experiment, that’s the way we work.”

11.00 Into Parrakas vauva performance

12.00-13.00 Lunch break

13.00-16.00 DEGASTEN Seminar: Discussion and experiments.
Why do we make a distinction between theatre for young audiences and theatre?
How do we make relevant performances for young people today?

DEGASTEN is an Amsterdam based youth theatre group. DEGASTEN creates raw interdisciplinary montage theatre with youngsters (12-25 years). Diversity is something that runs into the company’s veins. The story, the players and the disciplines are diverse. Because DEGASTEN thinks that every one has a story to tell. Every season 70 youngsters are being accepted during the audition day in September. These youngsters are divided into 4 different groups that have weekly theatre trainings: two training groups, one production group and one performance group. With each group, DEGASTEN develops customized performances, productions and presentations.
La 25.3. Eskus – Performance Center & Mad House Helsinki

The seminar is in Finnish.

10.00-12.00: Dance Theatre Auraco: presentation and workshop of Tuntu project (performance intended for visually impaired children)

12.00 Lunch (Mad House will offer soup)

12.30-14.30 Seminar (moderated by Hanna Ryti)

15.00-15.45 Leena Kelas performance Alphabets of Performance Art at Mad House (

16.00-16.45 Discussion

17.00-18.00 Sonja Jokiniemis performance Oh No at Mad House (

18:15-19.00 Discussion

Seminar will be held at Eskus Performance Center (Puhdistamo, building number 6 at Suvilahti area in Helsinki) but performances are part of Mad Houses Helsinkis 4th season which happens in Tiivistämö (building number 5 in Suvilahti). Its recommended to purchase tickets for Alphabets of Performance Art and Oh No performances well beforehand the seminar.

link for registration: